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Based in Brisbane, Signature Dream Homes specialises in new build homes with House & Land packages, townhouses, duplexes, apartments and more. We are solely focused on having the best partners and network of East Coast land developers. We are dedicated to serving our clients, with seamless communication with our mortgage brokers and developers, so that we save time, pain and frustration during the sourcing, buying and post sale process, whilst also potentially saving them tens of thousands of dollars during the negotiation process.

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About James Forycki
Business Development Manager
House sterling 360 and Land specialist

In James’ world, buyers come first. This isn’t just a motto, it’s the strategy that James used to build Signature Dream Homes and his partnerships with developers and builders, to create one of the largest portfolios of property in Queensland.

When James first started in real estate, he is willing to tell anyone – he struggled. The landscape was full of misinformation, lack of support in walking buyers through the complex processes, and it was difficult to access available stock in the area. Property opportunities continued to pass him by. Rather than giving up, James innovated. He dedicated himself to building personal relationships with builders and land developers, became well-versed in real estate negotiations, and spent countless hours researching why certain real estate markets in Australia outperform others.

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Having new clarity and confidence around the importance of correct land selection, combined with his already established dedication, discipline and personal desire to achieve a goal, James was able to kick start his property journey to new heights whilst in his early 20’s. Today he still refines and works hard on his strategies to continually build his supply of homes, and he currently works with more than 20 different builders and 15 major land developers. (with this always growing)

In doing all of this James’ mission became to give more power to the buyers. He would not only give them more freedom of choice for homes and land, but also for lending options that are tailored just for them.

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What makes Signature Dream Homes different?

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